Ugly Duckling

Remember the childhood story of the Ugly Duckling? He became dejected, sad, felt unloved and abandoned by his family & friends and every other duck because he didn’t fit in- he didn’t look or behave like them. By the end of the story, fair and beautiful female swans were making advances at him for they thought he was the ‘most beautiful swan’ they’d ever seen. This guy was a swan, not a duck! And he never knew until he saw his reflection in the water and look at the female swans.

So it is with us, until we find our true identity in Christ, we would walk around with a false identity, created by this world, and feeling dejected, sorrowful, and tossed about by what people say or think of us.

Find your identity in Christ. You are cherished & loved by the Almighty!

Blessings…with prayers
(Word of Hope Ministries)


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About Just-A-Thought

Life can get very busy, fast and heavy. Sometimes living can become a challenge as life seems to always throw us at the deep end. In times like that, we need encouragement, a word of hope, a voice that assures that it gets better; that we should hang on. Just-A-Thought offers Christian words of hope in dispair, light in darkness, and strength to carry on.

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