Live Purposefully

You are important to God and you should live as such.

God loves you so much He sent his only Son to lay down his life for you. You may not be where you want to be today, but you are certainly not where you used to be. Discover your purpose in Christ, pursue it with all diligence, even in the most mundane task. You will never miss your ‘well done’- both here on earth or on Christ’s return.

Every Blessing
Word of Hope Ministries


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About Just-A-Thought

Life can get very busy, fast and heavy. Sometimes living can become a challenge as life seems to always throw us at the deep end. In times like that, we need encouragement, a word of hope, a voice that assures that it gets better; that we should hang on. Just-A-Thought offers Christian words of hope in dispair, light in darkness, and strength to carry on.

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