Scriptures for The Tough Times


What verses/chapters of the Bible do you turn to when faced with difficult times?

Please share your verse in comments to encourage and bless other readers here.



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About Just-A-Thought

Life can get very busy, fast and heavy. Sometimes living can become a challenge as life seems to always throw us at the deep end. In times like that, we need encouragement, a word of hope, a voice that assures that it gets better; that we should hang on. Just-A-Thought offers Christian words of hope in dispair, light in darkness, and strength to carry on.

8 responses to “Scriptures for The Tough Times”

  1. fiifiagyei says :

    The Psalms. Especially Psa 28, 42, 69, and 46

  2. Tom Raines says :

    Great question, Phil: 4:13 is a constant reminder and I have found that no matter where I am in His Word He gives me what I need now. Blessings!

  3. Brenda Hendricks says :

    I often turn to Romans 5:1-10 and replace the plural pronouns with singular first person pronouns. The Amplified version is a beautiful translation for that particular passage.

  4. Kiara Conway says :

    James 1:12. It encourages me to press on because a triumph is waiting for me on the other side of my trial.

    • Just-A-Thought says :

      Thanks Kiara!
      Now that verse makes me want to sing “Every Promise” by Stuart Townend. I will stand on every promise of the word of God, in this case, a promise of a “crown of life” at the end of perseverance.

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