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Public vs. Private

“We call things ‘secular’ because we have neatly detached God from most spheres of life and confined Him to spiritual game-reserves called ‘sacred areas’ where we visit Him from time to time.”

Disturbingly true, isn’t it?

Just A Thought

Excerpt From: Greenslade, Philip. “Every Day with Jesus Jul/Aug 2013: The Great I Am.”


What a Privilege!

Five songs are sung by the angels, elders and the four creatures in Revelations 4 & 5. All of the songs speak of the power, splendour and majesty of God and Jesus – they are all objective (of the person or being of God). This is great and should be the centre of our own worship individually or as  a gathered church.

It’s easy to notice that none of the songs is ever subjective – of emotions, experience, or depicting a relationship with God. Why? Maybe because the angels and creatures of God have never really tasted what we have here – a personal father-child relationship. They don’t know the experience of redemption or being saved from darkness into light.

Its only people like us, the redeemed of God, children of God, that can sing songs like ‘How he loves me’, ‘You will never leave me’, ‘Your steadfast love never ceases’, or simply – ‘I love you, Lord’. What a privilege!

Go on – pour your heart out to God – begin like the angels, but don’t forget to end it like a child of God – dearly loved and precious.


Shine Bright

How many times haven’t we heard someone pray about the ‘darkness’ that has now covered our nations and the evil that seems ever so prevalent and knowing no end? Well, one of the possible explanations might be- If darkness is prevailing, it is because the light is not shining.”You are light of the world…So let your light so shine” Matt 5:14,16. Shine bright for the Lord wherever you are to banish the ‘darkness’.

You can make a world of a difference.

Every blessing, with prayers,
Word of Hope Ministries

Prayer for Holiness

“Am I in danger of being brainwashed by a world that has made tolerance a fine art? Am I tolerating sin in my life rather than seeking by Your grace to be rid of it?”

These are searching questions that the Christian writer and Minister, Selwyn Hughes, once asked himself. We might all need to ask ourselves the same from time to time. Perhaps, even this very minute…(Selah)

Let us Pray:
Renew our vision of Your holiness;
Lest we make light what you call sin
And take grace for granted.
Keep our hearts alive to your Spirit
And tender to the Potter’s hand,
Sustain us with your grace and everlasting arms,
Help us fan into flames the fire of your love in us.
May we find our highest joy and pleasure only in You,
In so doing, become truly set apart for you.

Every Blessing in Christ Jesus
Word of Hope Ministries


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