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The Giver, not the gifts

We set ourselves up for bitter disappointments in life if we place more prominence on the gifts of God, rather than the Giver of the gifts. How easy it is to slip down this path…

God, the Giver of all good & perfect gifts (James 1:17), bids us to seek Him and His righteousness first in all things, then the gifts and blessings we need would be added on (Matt. 6:33) . In Acts 8, Simon the sorcerer was focussed on meaning something to the people; he craved importance – he pursued the gift and not the Giver of the gift- he was sharply rebuked.

All of life’s blessings must be processed with a perspective that places God over and above them all, lest we set ourselves up for bitter disappointments in this life, or afterwards. Pursue the Giver, not the gifts.

Every blessing, with prayers…


Just Do It!

“A Sunday School teacher once asked her class ‘How is the will of God done in heaven?’ One child answered, ‘Cheerfully.’ Another, ‘By everybody.’ A third ‘All the time.’ But the best answer was, ‘It is done without asking any questions.'” -D.L. Moody

Jesus told the experienced fisherman, Simon Peter, who had worked all night without success “…let down your nets for a catch.” Peter answers “we’ve worked hard all night and haven’t caught anything. But because you say so, I will let down the nets.” The result- “…this time their nets were so full of fish that the nets began to tear!” See Luke 5:1-11

Whatever The Lord tells you to do, just do it!

Every blessing,
Word of Hope Ministries


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