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Gray Clouds (Reblogged)

A little prayer for the rest of the week….

Dear Lord, help me to know that no condition is permanent. And that grey clouds are just passing clouds that will soon be replaced with bright skies of hope. Teach me to say, “this too shall pass” when am faced with difficulties. Help me to hold on, while trusting you, one day at a time. Amen

Every blessing, with prayers….
Word Of Hope Ministries


Why We Crumble (Reblogged)

“We do not crumble from the pressure from the outside, but often from the hollow within”- the hollow created by the absence of God in our lives.

May you know the in-dwelling presence of God in your heart and mind this year, and always.

Happy New Year! 2014

First post of 2014! So, Happy New Year to all Just-A-Thought (JAT) readers around the world. It is our prayer here that you’d continue to know the Lord’s blessings, keeping and enabling this year. Amen.

Also, thank you for your continued support, comments, follows, likes, shares and encouragement. JAT wouldn’t be the same without you all. Thank you so much. Here’s to another year of sharing the hope that comes from the Lord, above.

Finally, for the next couple of weeks, JAT will be taking a trip down into the archives to dig up some of the favourite posts from the past years. Watch this space…


Rest Assured

Father, help me believe and rest on this simple but reassuring truth: that whatever you allow into my life will work for my good (cf Romans 8:28). Impress this thought deep into my spirit so that it will bear me through any sort of situation that comes my way. This I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen


On Thin Ice

Hard pressed, pushed to the wall
Till it feels like walking on thin ice;
When reason and logic seems more appealing
Than trust in a promise of providence;
When sight and the now more desirable than
Faith and hope in a better future.

But, we refuse to give in to the lure of the temporary
And yield only to the leading of the Dependable Hand.
In a world that constantly seeks to claw us in,
We pray that You would preserve our faith, Lord,
Till thin ice becomes a sure, immovable Rock of safety.
Help us look to You alone, the Author and Perfecter of our faith.

Dominic Ahiaga-Dagbui, © 2013


All your anxiety

“All your anxiety, all your care

Bring to the mercy seat, leave it there

Never a burden He cannot bear,

Never a friend like Jesus.” – E. H. Joy


Take Heart, Hold On

“Never give up, never give up

Never give up to thy sorrows

Jesus will bid them depart

Trust in the Lord, Trust in the Lord

Sing when your trials are greatest

Trust in the Lord and take heart.” – F. Crosby

From the Hymn “Never Give Up
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