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Why We Crumble (Reblogged)

“We do not crumble from the pressure from the outside, but often from the hollow within”- the hollow created by the absence of God in our lives.

May you know the in-dwelling presence of God in your heart and mind this year, and always.


Public vs. Private

“We call things ‘secular’ because we have neatly detached God from most spheres of life and confined Him to spiritual game-reserves called ‘sacred areas’ where we visit Him from time to time.”

Disturbingly true, isn’t it?

Just A Thought

Excerpt From: Greenslade, Philip. “Every Day with Jesus Jul/Aug 2013: The Great I Am.”

A User-friendly God

So much in our modern world – and sadly in the Church too – contributes to what one theologian has called ‘the trivialisation of God’. We may not have stopped believing in God altogether, but we often cut Him down to our size, reduce Him to our dimensions. However, we domesticate God at great risk. It is dangerous to try to make this transcendent God user-friendly.Excerpt From: Greenslade, Philip. “Every Day with Jesus” July/Aug 2013Just A Thought
Every blessing

Disappointing Christianity

Christianity has to be disappointing, precisely because it’s not a mechanism for accomplishing all our human notions and aspirations; it is a mechanism for subjecting all things to the will of God- Simon Tugwell

Perhaps he was right – God doesn’t exist to serve our wants and desires or act like a vending machine (get what you want). Understanding this should hopefully set us free from some of the frustrations on our Christian spiritual journey.

 God’s will results in our ultimate good.

Just A Thought


Love of Neighbour

“This rough world sometimes needs to be rebuked, and if we can get at the ears of the people, it is our business to reprove them; and I think if ever there was a time when this text needed to be enlarged upon, it is just now. It is so often forgotten, so seldom remembered, ‘Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.’

‘Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.’ – We can split it into three parts. Whom am I to love? My neighbour. What am I to do? I am to love him. How am I to do it? I am to love him as myself.” – Charles Spurgeon

Something to reflect on: a) Who is your ‘neighbour’? and b) What might be the practical implications of loving neighbour as yourself?

Every blessing, in Jesus Christ
Word of Hope Ministries

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