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Our Image in God

Could it be true that the devil has had us look at our image in a cracked mirrow for so long that we tend to believe that image is true, and fail to see the ‘new man’ that God has made?

We were made in God’s ‘own image’, after His ‘likeness’ (Gen 1:26), then sin came in, and brokenness followed. But, thanks be to God, anyone who believes in Jesus Christ ‘is a new creation- the old IS gone, ALL things have become new!’ (2 Cor. 5:17)


Every blessing, in Jesus Christ
Word of Hope Ministries

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Fully Forgiven!

“Father, I long to realise more and more the extent to which I have been forgiven, for I see that is the key to so many things in my spiritual life. Touch my heart, my mind, my imagination, as I reflect on this today. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

A simple, yet profound prayer by Selwyn Hughes in the devotional ‘Everyday with Jesus’. Indeed, only those who realise they have been fully forgiven can live free to love and serve The Lord and others.

Read the prayer once more, slowly and reflectively.
May The Lord minister to your heart with this simple prayer.

Every blessing
Word of Hope Ministries

Prayer for Holiness

“Am I in danger of being brainwashed by a world that has made tolerance a fine art? Am I tolerating sin in my life rather than seeking by Your grace to be rid of it?”

These are searching questions that the Christian writer and Minister, Selwyn Hughes, once asked himself. We might all need to ask ourselves the same from time to time. Perhaps, even this very minute…(Selah)

Let us Pray:
Renew our vision of Your holiness;
Lest we make light what you call sin
And take grace for granted.
Keep our hearts alive to your Spirit
And tender to the Potter’s hand,
Sustain us with your grace and everlasting arms,
Help us fan into flames the fire of your love in us.
May we find our highest joy and pleasure only in You,
In so doing, become truly set apart for you.

Every Blessing in Christ Jesus
Word of Hope Ministries


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